Songs of praise

I watched this episode today , I don’t normally watch it, but the topic was on grief.
Strange to say but I enjoyed it.

G. X


Thank you for pointing it out, I usually watch it but today I was out at my great granddaughter’s dedication and party that followed.
I just watched it on iPlayer, one of the hymns, “make me a channel of your peace” was sung at our marriage blessing, and was also played at Doug’s funeral.
I did enjoy the programme too.
Debbie x


I have never watched it through either for some bizarre reason I did today. I’m not religious at all but felt so good for having watched it.


Never watched songs of praise before all the way through.
Only because it was about grief decided to watch for a bit.
Started with hymn Abide with Me. Hymn that is sung at Wembley on FA cup final day ( I am a Liverpool fan and are currently holders we won in May). Stayed watching. Coping with grief discussion, at a grief retreat kept watching one bit they said the bigger your love the bigger the hole it leaves in your life -totally agree. Kept watching …
Next hymn the Lords my Shepherd our wedding hymn and at Karen’s funeral.
Kept watching showed a meeting at school happened to be in Liverpool!
Kids were asked what is your favourite possession you would like to leave to someone. One kid says my birth certificate because it has been signed by Kenny Dalglish (me and my son Pete went to evening with Kenny and someone there got their birth certificate signed by him) kept watching…
It’s being filmed at the Liverpool Anglican catherdral (I had no idea).
The vicar is asked to name a hymn suitable for a funeral she says’You’ll never walk alone’: Kathryn Jenkins sings YNWA. (I’m crying).
Next story is about a Dad who’s daughter loved Queen and in his words ‘belonged on stage’ (sound so much like my daughter.
Next hymn is Make me a channel of your peace, Karen loved that at funerals and I forgot!!
More talk about grief and an interview with a lovely man who lost his wife 3 year’s ago.
It was my birthday yesterday and for some bizarre reason I decided to watch this??
I think Karen just wished me happy birthday! :heart::heart::broken_heart:


Hi @Tommy104 ,

I don’t believe in coincidence, I think things happen for a reason and watching songs of praise was meant to be for you. A message from your lovely wife.
Birthday wishes for yesterday.

Debbie x

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Thanks Debbie, Karen believed in God I don’t but it has made me think.
I had the vicar round to see her before she died at home. I am so glad I did, the peace and love that came across her face when the vicar said God has his arms open waiting to greet her was truly comforting. I said a prayer with them. I’m envious of that belief and sad I can’t.

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