Songs that say it all

I am sorry but I have no idea how to put a song on here for you all to hear. I have got a couple of songs that really do say everything that all of us on here have been saying. One is ‘There you’ll be’ by Faith Hill and the other is ‘I’ll see you again’ by Westlife. (Don’t be out off by that - it is a beautiful ballad and the words are so heartfelt). Warning, you will be blubbering wrecks after hearing them but it’s good to cry, right? Hugs to all of you who feel as I do about the love they have lost.

Hi Ann,

There is a thread called “Songs” where people post songs they find are appropriate for their grief.

You can go to YouTube and type in the song name, and then copy and paste the link to the song on here.

Or if that’s too much, you can type the name of the song, and someone will then do it for you.

Thank you! Here it is (I hope!)

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Yep, you did it.

And here’s the other one!


Thank you so much I would never have done it without you!! I’m not sure I have done it quite right as they seem a bit big, but as long as people can hear the beautiful lyrics, then that is what I wantd.


Yep, you have done it right. And if you’re using a desktop or laptop instead of a mobile device, then once you play the song you can click on the YouTube icon and the song starts playing in another window, so you can continue to browse this site whilst listening to it.

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How did you get to be so good?? Thanks again x

Beautiful songs Ann. My mum loved Judy Garlands. “Somewhere over the rainbow” We had it at her funeral. She only loved the Judy Garland original.

My nan was a singer in the west end during the war. She used to sing with Vera Lynn. Then they fell out as my nan said “that woman keeps on turning up to my auditions and getting all the best roles” We played one of Veras songs at my nana funeral as she secretly loved her voice. No doubt they are up there singing together again


What a lovely story. Your nan sounds like a great person and what she said made me smile. X

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Yes, it is great to share such stories.