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Gorgeous song xx

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Hi all. Can anyone tell me how add a song or a poem please

Hi Meg

You just need to add a link to YouTube or Vevo, or wherever you can find your song publicly available.

For YouTube, either copy the URL web address from the top of the page, or right-click and choose ‘Copy URL’, or choose ‘share’ if you’re on your 'phone. Once you have copied the link, you can add it to the forum.

Just as you wrote your message above, open another message window in this thread and click where you would like the linked video to appear. Then click the ‘chain’ symbol among the options above the window. This is the ‘external link’ icon and you’ll find it to the left of the ‘quotation’ icon. Paste your copied URL in the wee window that opens, and click ‘OK’

You can then post your message and the video of your song should appear!

Give it a try :slight_smile:

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I have tried to do this without out success sadly. I got the song up on YouTube and clicked on share and that’s where I came unstuck I couldn’t find anywhere to share it? I’m hopeless with technology.


If you go onto You Tube and get up the song that you want, you don’t need to do the share thing. Just copy and paste out of the address bar for the video or song that you have chosen - so when you have your chosen song, highlight the text in the address bar and right click, it should come up with the copy option. Then come into here, click on reply and paste the address out of the address bar into your open message and hopefully that should work if you understand my ramblings! :slight_smile: xx

This song is really special to me as my husband adored steam trains:

I also wanted to share this poem which was read at his funeral. I found it on the net and it is just so him because he could be a bit cheeky and we wanted to remember that part of him:

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[](httpsThankyou so much for that. I hope it helps other people. The whole Springsteen album is devoted to loss and difficulties. Sudden death is so difficult to come to terms with.
My family has experienced three sudden deaths one by accident at work and my sisters in-laws were killed in a head on collision on their diamond wedding anniversary. The poem in particular really helped me.
Many thanks


Love this song .

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I love that poem, I haven’t heard it before, I’ve made a note of it for when it’s needed x

Me too. I think I’ve worn it out I play it a lot it makes me sad and is comforting at the same time.

I’ve got a bit muddled up here I get a gift confused. Reply re song was to Sarah and I wanted to say welcome. Also. I have found this group very helpful.
I found the poem online it was very appropriate for my husband’s funeral…he would have approved. I also had the song and instrumental music by the Beatles “In my Life.” And ended with the long and winding road. I was seventeen when met he was 19. We were so innocent. He gave me a Beatles album when I was 18 I still have it.
Regards Meg

So beautiful