Another day of solitude with only my grief for company.


Yes, same here.
I’m trying to get motivated to do some gardening but honestly don’t know what the point is.
Sending kind thoughts to you


I feel the same. I am struggling to cope and feel constantly anxious. I put a mediation tape on and had a bath and cried continuously. I don’t how to move forward or what to do with the rest of my life x


Same here and I just feel so desperately sad. I can’t bear to be in the house on a Monday morning at the time my husband had a sudden unexpected cardiac episode in May. So I’m sitting in the car park of our local country park looking out through tears over the landscapes we loved walking around and wondering again how the hell this has happened to me and my husband. I know I’ll rally myself around, I always do, as I know you’re all trying to do, but it’s ever so hard at times isn’t it?
sending kind thoughts your way x


I agree wit you. I think it’s how we all feel. I am visiting my sister with another sister tomorrow and I wonder if I can keep myself together for the two days. It will be hard. Love to all.


I searched on line and booked some counselling for anxiety and bereavement. I need to unscramble my head and deal with some of this constant misery. X


Hi , sorry you feel like this , I have just finished work . Even though I’m with people there . I still feel so alone . I’m knackered . I think I’m to old for the job now . I would be able to come in and have a good moan to my husband about the crap day I have had . But can only tell his photo . But don’t get any sympathy or understanding back . What a sad life / exsistence we all have now . Thinking of you all xtake carex


Hi @Carol9 I hope you enjoy your visit with your sisters. Even if you do get emotional I hope that your sisters will ultimately be a comfort to you. Best wishes x


Good luck x