Hi. I have been reading your message on here about your love one. I hope I did not afend anyone. I no most of you lost. Love one’s. And theywaned to live. Has for my partner. Never. But its still the same lost for me. :heart::sweat:

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Hi I dont see how any offence could be given.
Your loss is the same as any that has lost a partner, husband or wife. It matters not the circumstance of how they passed just that they did. Your grief will be as is all here and you are as devestated as much as others.
Its a never ending emotional rollercoaster so many ups and downs. You are in the right place if you just want to talk


Thank you so much :heart:


Anytime :blush:

Hi @Tina4,

You haven’t offended anyone. Anyone who looses a soulmate suffers, and your suffering is particularly difficult, because you need to know why.

Bless you - bless us all on the site.

Christie xxx

Thank you for understanding x

@Tina4 I am so very sorry for your loss you will find support here losing your partner is so hard I lost my soulmate 29 days ago


My husband died 8 months ago now.

I was in shock - performing like a robot - for at least 6 - 8 weeks after my husband died at home. Take it easy and be kind to yourself.

Christie xxx

Thank you xx

@Christie thankyou I will try to it just hurts so much

@Christie I am so very sorry for your loss

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