Sorting clothes out

After my wife gained her Angel wings, my daughter came over to help sort her clothes. We had already had Tiller Memory Bears, giraffe, rag doll and elephants made up from special clothes (for grandchildren and myself) but this time we was going though everything. A lot of clothes, coats, shoes and accessories were given to a ladies refuge who were extremely grateful. Items we couldn’t decide on have been kept which includes a number of evening wear outfits which she wore on holidays. In a time of sadness it felt good to be helping others. I still have boxes of clothes and accessories (currently moving house - another tale to be told) and I’ll keep them as long as I need. I would say to anyone, there will come a time when you feel it is right to sort out so don’t do it because someone tells you too. :broken_heart:


I lost my mum suddenly at the end of December. Because her home had to be handed back to the housing association I didn’t have a lot of time. Sorting out her bedroom was one of the most difficult things I had to do. She was a single parent so just me and her. She loved her books and had loads of them. People say you don’t have to hold onto them and I know that but it’s a big part of who she was and what made her happy. I cleared space in my home, packed up all her clothes and books and when I am ready will go through them and don’t care how long it takes until I feel ready. Good advice thank you :sparkling_heart::cry:


I,m dreading sorting out my wifes clothes out my sister in law and her daughter are coming over to help me out with it.there are some that are going into a memory box which i,ve already sister in law has said she and her daughter will give me a hand sorting out sues clothes. Already made my mind up that the hospice where sue sadly passed away is getting my support via there shops. Plus the bike group i am with are doing a fundraising event in june this year


Take your time and if unsure about an item keep it to sort another day. It’s part of the journey we have to make. Like myself I found it helped knowing others were benefiting.


Thank you had,nt thought about this

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