Sorting stuff I wasn’t ready for

This is a bit of a weird one. Both my husband and I were already widowed when we met. We both loved our former partners and throughout our 15 years together we frequently talked about our past lives and respected each other’s memories.
I have just made a start on sorting things out. I found a box full of old photographs, including a wedding album belonging to my husband.
I feel such pain looking at him, happy with someone other than me! How ridiculous is that? I knew the photos were there, they sit on a shelf in the loft alongside photos of me and my first husband. I don’t know why I feel so shocked and downright territorial. Perhaps I shouldn’t have looked or left them for another day. Self-inflicted torture.

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Willow that’s completely normal
I’m in the same situation but you probably felt the same when you were in the early days of your second marriage and didn’t want to acknowledge his former happiness.
You can love more than one person in your life but remember you were his last love :heart:
We have enough grief without torturing ourselves any more. You were loved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: xx

Thanks Jody, It must seem an insane topic to most people. I was knocked sideways by my own reaction. It honestly was never an issue when he was alive. But now he has gone, I just want to feel that I was as special to him as he was to me, even though my first husband was special too. Even I don’t know what the hell I am thinking. Xx

I completely understood you Willow so what does that say about me!! xx