Sorting through his things

I thought i would go through some paperwork and put some of it in the shredder but i found myself going through it thinking I want to keep this and this and this, something about the letters being addressed to my partner and even the bank statements tell a story about our life together so clearly I am not ready! Anyone relate?

I’ve been unable to move any of my wife’s things. Even mundane things such as a cloth she kept next to her chair in the living room for cleaning her jewellery. It’s the same with paperwork, like you say, each letter helps to tell a story about their life even if it’s just a letter saying how much their phone bill was going to be that month. In short yes I can relate as I’m sure a lot of others will too.


June my wife passed suddenly and unexpectedly on 8 December 2021 in front of me. I cradled her as she died.

Between the holidays I checked a cupboard and found my Christmas card in a sealed envelope. I have not been able to open it. Maybe next year maybe not. Everywhere I look there is her handwriting.

I have years of medical records for unconnected matters to go through but know it’s early days. June was a twin and her sis said she will help me. It’s the small things which keep catching me out and causing me upset. Some days worse than others.

I think it’s perfectly normal to feel like this. I lost my mum before Christmas and I can’t move her slippers as that where she left them before going in hospital not sure if I ever will be ready to move them. Normally mum had her glasses and phone next to her table in the front room I put them back there. Finding bits of paper with her writing on is hard

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The night June passed her everyday watch wedding and eternity ring were removed by the attending Policeman. They sat on the kitchen table where she passed until June’s Funeral when I finally moved them. I used to pick them up as I passed. June never took her wedding ring off in the nearly 44 years we were wed. It’s very difficult to say the least.

Hi Beth
yes i do i have a few things of my husbands and i carry his watch around in my bag with me every where i go so i have a part of him with me loads of photos and his mug that he used but i dont allow any one to use it

I know how you feel. My wife’s rings were returned after her cremation and I immediately put her wedding ring on my little finger next to my wedding ring. And there it will stay forever and a day. Love and Light.

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yes its nice to have something pesonal with you it feels comforting
i know some one who has some of her husband ashes put in a ring she wears all the time and her daughter did the same