Soul or just your brain?

Just wondering other people’s thoughts on this. Do you believe we have a soul that leaves our bodies after death or do you believe our very being and personality is down to your brain and only your brain?

l believe we do have a soul, to think that there’s nothing afterwards scares me. l have had events in my past where our family lived with ‘cyril’, who l saw one night who l recognised froma photo shown to me by his sister. His actual name was william.

@LostLil I keep an open mind; when you’ve lost someone who has been a very important part of your life for a substantial time, it’s very hard to accept that one will never see them again. I think people will choose to believe that which gives them the most comfort.
I have read that clinicians with an interest in such things have weighed people close to death and immediately after, finding that there was a slight weight loss. Was that the soul leaving the body?
There are many people who claim to have had ‘signs’ that deceased family members, friends and lovers are messaging them from an afterlife. Despite being in my seventies and naturally by now have been parted from many close family members, sadly, I’m yet to experience any such signs.
If there was a way my late wife could reach out to me and to our adult children too, I’m sure she would.

Some of the “signs” that people say they have had are things like seeing robins and white feathers, I don’t see them as signs. I’ve seen robins when I was a child even before I lost my grandad who was the first real loss in my life. Robins exist, same with white feathers. I don’t see dreams as signs either, I have crazy dreams about the most random people all the time. Obviously my partner dying is on my mind from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep and has been for the three weeks he’s been gone, whilst I’ve only dreamt about him briefly so far I’m sure I’ll dream of him on a deeper level at some point but that’s because he’s on my mind. I often dream about things that have played on my mind during waking hours.

Hmm weight differences before and after death, I’ve not seen anything about that. I’ll have a look. For some reason if there is a soul I’d assumed it would be weightless.

I’m pretty sure my mam would have come back to give me a sign when she passed if she could, I’ve also felt nothing from my OH since he’s gone so I’m not convinced tbh. I hope I’m wrong though and do plan on visiting a medium in the near future. I just need to find one that doesn’t know me or anything about me first. I did start watching Tyler Henry the Hollywood medium and he seems really good but when you’re reading celebrities and have a crew around you who can scour the internet and social media of the people he’s reading for their life stories it’s not so believable lol.

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Researching this topic has been one of main sources of comfort for me since losing my mum. I have found from support groups it is seemingly quite common for people to question after having a profound loss. If the topic brings you comfort and interest then you may find this info helpful.
Look into Bruce Greyson and Peter Fenwick. Two people who have dedicated their career into looking into near death experiences.
I am currently reading a book called ‘after’ by Bruce greyson and I am enjoying it and the questions it brings up.

What do you believe? I’m not sure what I believe tbh :disappointed:

Part of me thinks near death experiences are something your brain does. We all know what they are supposed to be like so it’s easy to imagine them or dare I say it make them up. I also wonder about the people who say they were “sent back”, what would be the point in allowing them to reach the afterlife when they were not meant to be there. I can’t help but think near death isn’t actually death so there’s no way of knowing what comes after a NDE. For all we know the NDE could be the brain having a final five minutes then absolutely nothing after. I wish we knew the answers. I desperately want to believe that our loved ones go on to somewhere better.

I’m going to have a one to one reading with a fledgling spiritualist on the 28th of May at my local spiritualist church. I’m 38 and people say I look younger so I don’t think any spiritualist would automatically assume I was there because I lost a partner. At my age I think they would assume I was there because I lost a parent or grandparent so it will be interesting to see if they mention my partner without them knowing about him. I’m sceptical but desperately want to believe too🤞

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I am starting to build a faith in that there is something more.

With NDE there is a lot of unexplained where by people who are pronounced clinically dead, go on to have out of body experiences and can describe and explain things going on outside of the hospital room they were in for example. I have found the books and reasearching this all comforting as some experiences can’t be explained by brain activity

I think there is a lot we don’t understand about this world and whilst we may not have solid confirmation there is a lot of experiences that speak for themselves.

I hope the medium reading goes well. I have recently been to see one too, I believe he was a fraud by my experience as I knew what was said could not have came from my mum although he said ir was her coming through I don’t believe him as most of it was not accurate nor was it something my mum would say. I do though believe that there are people with an ability to connect in ways not everyone can, it’s just finding the right one. Good luck :slight_smile:

I believe we have a soul and even though i’ve never doubted that belief I had an experience with my mum that made me realise that in some way I must have had some semblance of doubt as i was so shocked by what I experienced. In 2010 out of the blue she suffered a major haemorrhage. We were alone in the house and were about to go off for an afternoon of bingo when it happened. The first astounding thing was that she remained conscious and alert. To the point of rationalisng it could be a migraine as although shed never had one shed heard they could be bad. Nevertheless, my heart in my mouth, with pursuasion she agreed for me to call an ambulance. On their arrival they checked her over and didnt appear unduly concerned but said that there were a couple of other checks they could only do in the ambulance before they could clear her medically so she could go off to bingo! (Yep she still had the love of the game on her mind)
Coming down the stairs I was in front of her and ambualnce guy was behind. Half way down she told me she needed to sit down for a sec and she felt really sick. As i supported her in doing so she fell into my shoulder and I felt her becoming lighter physically and i knew she’d gone, in the blink of an eye. The poor ambulance guys were then just trying to reassure and calm me as id gone into panic mode. Suffice to say, she never regained consciousness, and offically died the next day. It was the strangest experience watching the medics rallying around when id known what I felt and couldnt see how she could be brought back. The treating consultant told me to always remember that interim time i had with her was a miracle and she should never have maintained consciousness after what he described as a catastrophic bleed. To this day i do not know how my heart survived that, maybe for my daughters sake it just had to. So back to original question, I 100% believe in a soul. Science can never explain that whoosh of lightness i felt come over her. One could say, that given Id always believed in the existence of the soul anyway that I would naturally interpret a sudden relapse in this way. At that point I thought she was okay, even at the moment she needed to sit due to nausea, so it was only when i experienced a physical sensation of what i can only describe as a whoosh and then lightness that i knew the crisis was back and ended in that actual moment. It was truly earth shattering for us all, as my mum was as fit as a fiddle and could run rings around us all. I cant give anyone my experience of what i felt re her soul but other than child birth its the most real undeniable thing ive ever experienced in my life to date. As for that any semblance of doubt i must have had has truly been put to bed. It doesnt ease the trauma of it, just have to learn to live with it, in my view until we’re together again

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Interesting that you felt her become lighter. You believe she became lighter because her soul had left her body at that body at that point?

I don’t actually know if I believe in souls but I always assumed if we did have them they would be weightless. There was an experiment years ago where people had their weights monitored in the lead up to their death and they came to the conclusion the soul weighs no more than 21grams, it’s not scientifically proven obviously because there’s no proof that we do indeed have souls but it’s an interesting experiment.

They say souls mess with electricity too so another interesting experiment would be to test if anything happens to an electrical field that surrounds the body of a dying person.


Soul. I only have to look at the little robin that has visited my garden every day since Tuesday when my husband died.

I believe the soul leaves the body at time of death and that after burial the linkage to the Almighty starts.