I lost my dearest friend, my rock, my soulmate 18 months ago. I am happily married to a very supportive Man but this loss has changed everything. I miss her advice, her support, our girlie days out and not being able to stay with her whenever i want has meant i cant so easily visit family.
I just miss her so very much


I am sorry for your loss i am struggling with the loss of my friend

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Its so hard isnt it and i dont think people realise that

They don’t

Do you want to tell me about your friend?

Tomorrow please

Thats fine

I have had a rough few days

I lost my soul mate friend August 23 but I don’t feel I can grieve for her I then lost a grandson September 23 and my son November 23 . She would have been the one I cried to shared being angry and all the rest you share with a soul mate friend . We met when our children were babies even when I moved 200 miles away our friendship stayed strong I miss her want to tell her so much . I’m hoping this year will help me get some coping skills I still text and talk to
Her as if she is hete . But I don’t like the silence I get back take care everyone

Sorry for your loss

Its so hard loosing that rock that will support you through good times and bad. I am so sorry you have lost so much. That must be hard. When you always called each other to share good news and support each other in bad. Thats hard isnt it. I hope you have support from other friends and family as well but i am finding it helpful to share on here.


I feel lost and find myself feeling like this


I feel lost i internalize my greif


I feel like i internalise my greif

I know what you mean. I would phone or visit my friend and it made everything seem better. Now she has gone and i cant do that its so difficult and people around think i am ok

I am sorry for your loss ,it is just over 2 months since my husband passed away , he had cancer ,i just take one day at time

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Sorry to hear of your loss .One day at a time is all we can do .I’ve finally got my knitting needles out but it’s going slow have to really push myself . You take care thank you for replying

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Thank you for your reply

I’m so sorry to you and everyone that has shared that they have lost a dear friend or special person in their lives.

I lost my best friend who was practically a partner, 3 days ago. I am shocked and feeling lost without him. I spent almost every moment that I wasn’t working, talking to him and now all I can do is think of him and I feel so lonely without him. Everything reminds me of him and this pain I’m feeling is relentless.

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Sorry to hear of your loss . I know words won’t mean a lot as it must be very raw for you . Take care of your self be how you feel you want to be x

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