Soulmates parting

I was with a boy for many years but we parted as a couple when I discovered he and a friend had joined a dating agency as a joke. However, we stayed friends and he said he would always be there for me. Eight weeks ago I talked him into accepting a hospital appointment to remove s large lump from his neck. He went into hospital and had the lump removed but the wound went septic and again I talked him into going back to have it looked at. The hospital told him it wasn’t worth another stay as an in patient and sent him home with antibiotics. He had a few rough days but emailed me recently to say he was feeling a little better. However, two weeks ago, after not turning up for his regular Saturday night visit to the pub, he was found dead on his settee. Autopsy said heart attack but I feel it is a little more than coincidence that he had a badly weeping op wound and I’m sure no heart problems. I am feeling guilty for pressing him into going for the op in the first place and angry at the hospital sending him home with s weeping operation wound. The hospital has been known to have cases of MRSA in the past, and I just can’t get over the heavy feeling of loss. I had no time to tell him how much he meant to mr