I’ve had a horrible email today. My husband passed away Easter Sunday last year and I’m feeling a bit fragile. I opened his email account, as I do every couple of months to make sure I’ve cancelled everything. There was an email telling me my husbands password. He has been hacked and they had recorded his visits over the the last 148 days to porn sites and videotaped behaviour on the webcam of his behaviour that they were going to send to all of his contacts. I was bereft. I knew it wasn’t true, as he died over 365 days ago, but more to the point they had found our passwords. They asked for 20,000 in US Bitcoin to keep quiet or else they would release the video to all of our contacts. Obviously I did not. Please be careful out there. There are horrible people who would exploit our grief. I’ve had a terrible day today. Changing passwords., crying, wishing Steve was here to sort this out. Keep safe people. love you all.

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Thanks for the warning Montague. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Horrible, horrible people :rage:
Sending you a big hug. xx

hi Montague
its sick what some people will do to try extract monies from people,id be reporting this to the police as the only way of trying stop these scum bags is to catch them.
sorry this disgusting criminal caused so much distress by there very nasty actions.
regards ian

I have had this type of email 3 times now, sent to my email address and with a valid password I use. I was so stressed at the first one, to be blackmailed and of course how could my security be breached. But after researching, its a regular scam and one of the dangers we face on the internet. It’s pretty easy for these criminals to get hold of a little bit of our information and send such vile emails. I reported the first one, the last 2 came in a couple weeks ago and I deleted them. These criminals operate out of India and Africa, it’s pretty much impossible that they will get caught.
It’s upsetting but the best thing to do is put it in the trash and don’t dwell on it.

Sorry for directing my reply to you Ian. It was of course a response to Montague.

no worries San,i dont get notifications they are all turned off,i just read the posts as they come up, so probably wouldn’t of noticed .sadly I think weve all had scam artists trying extract monies by any means they can.

Just received this one, also circulating are Income tax refunds, car tax refunds,

I got one of them saying I’ve not paid my car tax, but I had :roll_eyes: these people are vermin praying on people x

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I have had that one also Sandra :angry: good job we are on the ball but a lot of folk maybe fall for it.

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Me too. I’ve had the TV licence one. Toe rags! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve also had problems with the car tax. I did it online as Brian had always done but someone else got hold of details and took money instead and my car wasn’t taxed. I reported it but no one seemed bothered. It seems to be a fact of life now.
I have very little to do with technology now as I was hacked into a few years ago and I lost all confidence in having my details online. I know I am going backwards as I worked with computers and now do very little.

Dear @Montague it’s terrible to read of these types of scams happening at really hard times for many of you. I hope that the comfort that this community provides can be an example of that there are many good people also who want to help and support where possible.

I’ve had the TV licensing one twice, which I ignored.
But I got one asking for a ransom in Bitcoins last week. It used a real password. I have just gone through and changed all my passwords, and all are now different- I recommend anyone to do that regularly
I also replied to the sender, in a way that suggested they had accidentally contacted the Mafia
I told them that “we” had traced their location, and that they would be reciving a visit from one of our representatives, which would put an end to the matter.
It was very satisfying.

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That’s great :joy: bet it was satisfying x

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Please read this as it gives advice on how to deal with spam. It advises not to reply to scammers.

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