Speak my name

I so miss you saying my name no one says it like you did, i miss you holding me no one hugs like you did, when i wake in the morning for a few seconds i think you are there then i remember and this grief hits ne and i dont know what to do with myself i feel like im biding time yet ive so much support that i feel iguilty like i should be coming to terns with things i just cant pull myself out of this sadness in fact its getting harder to face each day


@Jessue hi I am so very sorry for your loss it does feel like it’s getting harder everyday its been 3months now since I lost my soulmate pauline every day when I wake up I don’t want to get up and start another day without her but I force myself to for our pets and for her I am so sorry you are going through this heartbreak stay safe take care x

Thank you Casey im sorry for your loss too like
you i push myself to get moving each day hoping it will get easier be kind to yourself lovexx