Special bauble

Put our tree up today with tears in my eyes i hung Jim’s special bauble taking pride of place. I know Christmas with never be the same again always an empty chair at the table. I know jim will be watching over me in Christmas heaven and i will raise a glass to him and blow a kiss. I hope he’s proud of me how I’m coping. Hope you all have a peaceful xmas and remember all the good times.


Your tree looks lovely especially with your special bauble
It is so hard this time of the year
I cannot put my tree up anymore since my husband died it holds too many memories I still can’t cope
I do have outside lights for all to enjoy my wee bit of Christmas
I wish you all the best this festive season
Scottie xx

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Thankyou Scottie the first xmas after my husband died i didnt want to do anything no tree,no cards or gifts, but then i thought my jim would not have wanted me not to live my life he loved xmas so i make an effort and it is an effort to get on with things, but I’m doing it for him and making him proud is all that matters to me now.