Spoken by Beatrice Jones

I have to believe
That you still exist
That you still watch me
That you still love me
I have to believe
That life has meaning
That I am useful here
That I make small differences
I have to believe
That I need to stay here
For some time,
That all this teaches me
So that I can meet you again
– Ann Thorp


Oh @Stargazer, some very, very touching words there, I was in complete agreement until I reached the line “That life has meaning” - that’s where I started to really struggle with my belief - but the last 2 lines - definitely. :broken_heart:


Beatrice Jones is an amazing lady, her daughter Moira was brutally murdered in Glasgow. She has dedicated her life to supporting others in the memory of daughter. When she spoke those words, for me I could relate to them totally. That is how I am dealing with my life after losing my husband suddenly in 2018 :blue_heart:

I didn’t realise Beatrice’s background, so did a quick internet search on her. Her experience must’ve been horrific, to lose a loved one is bad enough, but to lose one in such a terrifying manner, the emotions and pain experienced must be indescribable. When I reread the words in the context of Beatrice’s experience they take on a deeper meaning. I am so, so sorry that you lost your husband so suddenly - I lost my wife suddenly too in July and that day will forever be seared in my memory - it is such a shock to have to cope with. I’m not always very good at expressing myself in written words, but I hope you continue to find the strength you have, perhaps one day I might be able to do so too.

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Thank you for posting the poem, I feel the words are very relevant for me

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Hi @Stargazer. Beautiful words and so so true. If we didn’t believe those things we wouldn’t be here.
Shona x

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Thankyou San for letting us see this poem
I have copied it and intend to read it every day because I can so relate to everything written. So simple but with so much meaning to so many of us. The words that hit me was “That I am useful here” and “That I make a difference” I did begin to wonder what useful purpose I now had. My children grown up and my husband gone.
This poem has inspired me.
Love xxx

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