Sstill missing him

Ive not been on here a while because i thought I was coping but everything has come crashing down again even after nearly 5yrs. Like Ive said before I’m disabled and my daughter,son in law and granddaughter live with me but just recently they’ve been excluding me from even general conversations and now it’s hit me again that I’m alone and just missing having someone to talk to. My partner suffered alot before he died and i was his sole carer at home because he didn’t want to die in hospital. I keep thinking about how much he was going through. I just wish i could give him a hug.


Im so sorry you feel so sad and alone. As you know you’re not alone on here so please come and talk to us. I’m new to this but I find the forum really helps.


Dear @Susan64
I’m so sorry my darlin’
I can’t offer any magical words of wisdom, all I can say to you that I understand.
Almost 20 months for me.
I also cared for my husband at home, which is where he died.
He was so brave, and I just stayed so positive right up until the very end.
I do wonder about how scared and frightened he may have been feeling.
I miss him every moment of every day.
I’m really finding it extra hard at the moment too.

Big love, hugs and strength to you , and everyone on here


Thank you. Trying to keep busy. We’d been together for nearly 34yrs and after 2 kids we never got around to getting married but 2 days before he died he was having a rare moment of being with it and he actually proposed to me and i got to say yes . His eyes lit up .


Oh @Susan64 that’s so lovely, he was obviously so so glad you said yes. We were together for 30 years before we got married 12 years ago, so a total of 42. We were both so glad we did get married.
Keeping busy seems to be a good way of coping, I try to keep busy if only knitting or playing silly games on my phone. I also try to get out every day, but you say you’re disabled so I dont know if thats an option for you.
I so hope you find some peace and a way of coping with your loneliness
Love and hugs

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