Standing still

Hi everyone
I hope you are all coping as best you can in this devastating time in our lives . I lost my wife of 30 years 7 weeks ago . I’m in the early stages of grief and all the emotions that come with it .The things that I took for granted going to work doing the shopping cleaning the car , all mundane things that go with life I find so hard to do now ,the weather has broke and the sun is shining it’s lovely outside and I would of at one time been outside enjoying the garden and the weather but I just Carnt be bothered, I feel so guilty for not making the most of things as my wife would love to be here doing them .i have read through many posts here and they are a comfort to me as I know I’m not alone in the way I feel ,it just seems so cruel and hard . Jon

I’m so sorry Jon for your loss and pain. I understand where you are coming from with your comments and it’s so desperately hard. This glorious weather is making me so sad as I knew my Husband loved it. I feel like a petulant child ranting about things not being fair, but they are not fair. I wish you peace of mind and strength. Don’t bottle your feelings up if you can help it, it never ends well as I know well. Sending compassionate thoughts.

Hi Jon
I am so sorry that you are on this journey I know it’s so overwhelming and heartbreaking but you are most definitely not on your own .
My husband passed away nearly 5 months ago it’s the longest we have ever been apart in 39 years of married life and sadly I feel every second of it .
I know it’s hard to get your self moving to do the mundane things that have to be done but as you say you are still in the very early stages of grief please take care of your self just go one day at a time thinking of you and all on the forum .