Starting a support group in East London

Hello everyone. Any help / advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. My husband Rob passed away five months ago. Despite searching I finally realised there are actually no support groups in my area. I was stunned. Thank god I found this online community but sometimes you need to talk face to face with other individuals who understand what your trying to cope with.
I have found a venue and have quotes for insurances etc.
I don’t know if I’m being naive and biting off more than I can chew , but I’m going to try to do this.
If anyone has any experience / suggestions can you let me know. Also any possible pit falls .
Thanks one and all , kind regards Kim.

Hi Kim read your post with great interest, I’m from north London and I too lost the love of my life, only three months ago, Sarah was only 45! I miss her so much, we were planning to marry in 2018, it’ll never happen now, although I haven’t any suggestions regarding meeting at a venue, id be more than willing to help, as I too would love the opportunity to meet others like us, I’m sure we aren’t alone, please consider me if you are able to set something up, or feel free to message me in private, I’d help you anyway I can, this is a journey I’m sure you neither wanted nor sought, but death found us and now we’re members of a “club” neither of us are happy to be in … I longer fear death and no longer do I fear what life may bring me, or throw at me, just feel invincible now, life has thrown death into my path and My attitude is, you can’t do anything else to hurt me… just wondering if your feelings are anything like mine?? So to ramble on, just thought I’d air what I feel, thankyou for your time x Sam ( male)

Hi Kim, this sounds an excellent idea, wish I lived nearer to be of some practical help, as well as to participate.
You have no doubt tried Google but if not I’ve found three sites that might be useful

  1. griefminister. com/2015/08/26/ten-tips-for-starting-a -grief - support-group
    and there is a book that is getting touted at the moment, Setting Up and Facilitating Bereavement Support Groups by Dodie Graves, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
    You sound determined, I’m sure you will see this through. Last but by no means least condolences for Rob.

Hello Sam, I would really appreciate any help and of course you are more than welcome at the new support group . I am going to talk to the centre manager again this week , so hopefully I will have some positive news. Please feel free to message me privately , the more help the better , Kim.

Hello Alan , thank you for your kind condolences and links. I will look at them tomorrow . I too am so sad that you cannot attend. I will order the book from amazon , kind regards Kim .