Step Child

Good morning all,

My condolences to all who are on this platform as unfortunately I find myself now.
I am the step mum to my partner’s lovely boy aged 15 who tragically passed on Monday.
He had been consumed by a fungus which literally ate him from the inside out and the doctors could not save him.
It’s the first case in the UK.
My partner was by his side for one month and there when he passed. The enormity of this has impacted all of the family including my beloved partner who is fighting his grief and myself .
But added to that I don’t know how to process being ousted by the family, as a non important member.
I was a step mum for 10 years, so knew this lad from the age of 4.
Unfortunately his mum and my partner had a rough time with the divorce and then she used the children as weapons.
We had very limited access for the last 5 years and I had none, even though we tried.
I saw my stepson once last year when he did come up to ours(unbeknown to his mum) for a fishing trip with his dad.
My mother in law also turned against me(another story), and the family followed.
I was hoping after such devastating circumstances we could all put this hatred behind us and be positive for my stepson.
We had a bit of contact with mother in law and I have encouraged my partner to keep in touch( he had blocked contact after we fell out), and persuaded him to visit her last year when we heard she had been asking to see both of us?
We visited and she said she wanted to put the past behind us and wanted to re kindle our relationship and come to visit us.
I sent her a text message on Tuesday sending my love regarding my stepson(her grandson)and said she could call me anytime and if she needed anything I would be there for her, and not to suffer alone.
She blanked me.
I am finding the grieving difficult enough for myself, trying to support my partner and grieve for him, and now the absolute knowledge of the whole family kicking me down further, that I’m not coping at all.
This rejection is so huge and hurtful.
I wasn’t “allowed” to go support my partner and take him out of the hospital as he lived there 24/7.
It’s making me very ill.
I’m probably going to be left out from the funeral.:disappointed::disappointed:

I’m so sorry for the loss of your stepson, @Shazloo - that is devastating.

You deserve care and support too. You might find these Sue Ryder resources helpful in coping with grief.

Sadly, relationship difficulties like this can be really common after a loss, and you are not alone. I’m just giving your thread a gentle, “bump” - I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support.

Take care :blue_heart: