Step dad terminal illness

My name is Shannon and I’m 21 years old, My step dad got diagnosed with Terminal Cancer a month today and got told shortly after he’s probably only got a few weeks to live… he’s got Bowel cancer which had spread rapidly to most of his organs, we are absolutely devastated, he’s only 58… he’s staying at home for the remainder of his time, but it’s just awful to see him in so much pain, and my heart is breaking for my mum, it’s just my mum and I at home. My mum is going to need me now more than ever, and I just hope I can support her through this, we are going to need each other.

Youl be surprised at how strong you can be when you have to be.
I lost my sister she was just 50.Her daughter was only 20 and like you’re dad her mum was, at home and passed away at home. My neice was utterly amazeing, so strong she made her mum, me and everyone proud of how she coped with the terrible situation.

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