Step mum

I have recently lost my step mum,she has been more like a mum than my biological mum.
My half brother and sisters are leaving my name and my kids out of all posts on social media,I am being to feel I’m not part of their family and I have the funeral on Friday.

Hi @Angieangel, sorry to hear you find yourself in such a difficult position. It is hard enough having to cope with the loss of your step mum, but having to also deal with a tricky family situation and an upcoming funeral only adds more upset and stress.

It’s great that you were able to reach out to our Community and share what’s going on. You will find others here who have had to deal with similar situations. Hopefully another community member will be along to offer some advice, but do have a read through recent posts here, perhaps using the search function at the top of the page.

As well as the forum, Sue Ryder offers an online bereavement counselling service which you may want to look into. This is a free service and sessions are held via video chat so you can attend from home. There’s more information here:

Take care

Online Community team

Hi Angie, I am sorry that you have lost your loved step mum and I understand your concerns regarding social media posts. So often I hear that family’s are being horrible to each other, it seems that death brings the worst out in people which seems all wrong. If you can tell them how much it hurts then fine but that can be very difficult if not impossible and I sympathise with you. I do hope on Friday they include you and your family but if they don’t please don’t worry. You have too many other things to think about and looking after yourself and your family is the major concern. I shall be thinking of you on Friday and wishing you the best with lots of my love to help you through. S xx

Thank you susie123 for your kind words . I have just found out I will be doing it alone as my husband refuses to go.this has given me alot more to think about as recently there has been other situations were he has not been there to support me.i know he has his own mental heath issues which I might not of handled right but then I had no idea how to and no help.but I would never expect him to go through something like this on his own no matter what.

Hi, I am sorry about that, it will not be easy no matter what. I do understand that many men don’t want to attend this kind of service and that is often due to the emotions that will be on display, many can’t deal with the situation. Take deep breaths and remember you will not be alone. I will be thinking of you. S xx

Thank you s xxx