Still cant Believe it

Its been 22 weeks,(5 Months today), since I lost my beautiful ,wonderful Wife, suddenly, aged 71 years young, we had been married 51 wonderful years this year, its been the worst 5 Months of my life, we all know if we are the one left behind that its going to be painful, but I didn’t realise that it was going to be this painful, I now have a different outlook of the meaning of the word Greif, and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
On more of a positive outlook, a big thank you to this site and all the wonderful people on her that are suffering the same of us all, but still manage to put words of encouragement on her which has helped me through the last 5 months, THANK YOU, Take Care xx


Hello Mickere

I’m sorry you are suffering the deepest grief at the loss of your wife. To not have her by your side after fifty one years together leaves a hole nothing can fill.

I have seen posts from you before and hope you have found help and kindness from others who are grieving too. If you need more constructive support please contact our counselling line, or the Samaritans. Sometimes to hear a human voice is helpful in itself.

Thinking of you,