Still cry every day

Tears fall like cold steel acid rain, hearts scared eyes burning still holding the pain.

the love I once had to never be seen again, your soft lips I once kissed your body I caressed and miss I will always see your deep blue loving eyes your smile that always made my heart flutter by. now I kneel at your side and cry , muttering words watching people go by, trying to hold back the tears that fall around me on to the earths ground below me as I sit asking why searching for the answer, for only you know why

the answers no one knows right to the end you never did tell . now I’m alone and left to dwell .

Being left to walk a new path on my life’s journey trying to carry on but tears still fall around below me
Like a cold steel rain
Miss you so much my princess :broken_heart::cry:


Dear Steve
Thank you for putting your beautiful words online and welcome to our community. It’s a brave thing to post your most personal feelings, but on here you will only have support and learn how others are coping in a similar situation. Sharing your experiences can really help.
It’s a sad fact that each of us will face bereavement at some point in our lives, and this is the place to find some balance and help.
Keep letting us know how you are doing. You are not alone even if it feels that way at the moment.

All the best Steve,

Hi Steve, how are you today? It’s a few days since I replied to your message and I was wondering how you are doing.

Just know my thoughts are with you,

I’m ok been at work out of way called at cemetery on way home had a chat asking what to cook for tea

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Take care steve annie x

Thank you x

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Beautiful Steve annie x

How are you doing Annie11? I’m here if you want a chat any time.

Miche24 x

Thankyou it’s appreciated lv annie x