Still grieving

I’m just not coping with life at all! My friends want me to meet a new man! I’ve got barriers up around me & I just can5 let them down! Help! Do you fEel like me or been where I am?

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I think it’s normal for people to suggest you move on, but that should only happen if and when YOU are ready. I don’t know how recent your loved one’s passing was, but things should always be on your own timetable.


its been 18 months for me and as much as i would love someone to care and be there for me, and although i have no friends etc, i have no interest in wanting that sort of relationship with anyone. no one would put up with me i doubt i am too set in my ways and i trust no one.
it has to be on your own terms when you are ready and i wonder if they would be so quick if the boot was on the other foot


You are moving on. Just not the way your friends want you to i guess.
You do you. They’ve not been through this. They didn’t lose someone, you did!

You don’t have to meet someone to move on. Don’t be pushed into something because they say so, as you have to live with the life you make.