Still hurting

@Shirleymc We weren’t blessed with children although wanted them. I’ve glad you’ve got a big family you can rely on, can imagine it helps xx


@Nipper crikey nipper, it was as though i had wrote this, my gorgeous hubby passed away 2nd oct 2022, and everything you say is exactly how you feel. Been really struggling lately, went to gp yesterday who suggested counselling through Cruze. Im gonna give it a try. Hope your getting some help

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Ive just read the rest of this thread through my tears. My heart breaks for you all,

I lost my husband just over 7 weeks ago unexpectedly. I have, like a lot of you in this very unfortunate place we are all in, have spent many days where I still find it hard to believe he is gone. Every time I have a real melt down, I have what I think (or hope) are signs from him…the day after he passed a little robin appeared in my garden and stayed there for about 5 minutes watching me, I also received a delivery of flowers from a friend which were white roses, probably just coincidence but only he knew were my favourite flowers,. Then last week after another bad day I opened my front door and there was a full rainbow in front of me. All can be explained I’m sure but i like to think they were him letting me know hes still about.


Sorry, didnt mean this to be posted on this thread.