Still hurting


I’m back again and still struggling with the loss of my mam and dad. I miss talking to them so much and the am so lonely it is unbearable. My mam and dad were my life and I was theirs. I can’t feel any joy or happiness in anything and I know they wouldn’t want me to be like this but I am having panic attacks and worry about any little thing, life just seems to be closing in on me.


Hi She,

I’m so sorry for your losses and that you are feeling like this. I understand some of how you are feeling, I lost my dad in January 2021 and my mum in March this year. Since losing my mum I feel the same as you, completely lost and find no joy in anything. My mum also helped me through after I lost my dad and, now she’s gone too, I feel I have nobody. We were extremely close and still lived together.

It is such a terrible experience to lose both parents as they have always been such a huge part of our lives.

Do you have a supportive family and friends to help you? I have found this site so helpful and sometimes just reading other people’s stories is a comfort to know I’m not alone. I also sometimes write down how I’m feeling in a journal and that seems to help a bit.

Sending you love x


Thanks for your support. I lost my mam 6 years ago and my dad 5 months ago. I had to be strong for my dad after mam’s passing as I was his carer for 10 years, I now feel I am grieving for both of them. My husband is great but as an only child he is the only support I have. I have been told that I have to get on with life but it is so hard at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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It’s so tough isn’t it, I know others think we should just get on with things, but that is much easier said than done.

It is so good that we’ve got this community to support each other as very few people can relate, unless they’ve been through it themselves.

I cared for my mum for a number of years also and she remained at home with me even in her final weeks as she was adamant she did not want to go into hospital. I can see that you cared for your dad for a long time, I have found the loss of my role as carer to be another blow and I am struggling to find a purpose now, even though I have a full time job. It was something I wanted to do and it brought a closeness to our relationship that I am missing so much. I’m guessing you can relate to those feelings too.

I’m glad your husband is supportive because we definitely need all the support we can get at the moment. I’m also here to listen any time x

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