Still in a state of shock

Sorry for your loss I’m the same can fall asleep but every morning I wake up around 3-4 am they normally say if you keep waking those times a spirit etc is visiting you we have snow here in the uk Plymouth quite weird in spring time lol but looks nice hopefully it will go away as I have to go out later plus I meet friends for bingo I have to get out sometimes if not I just sit and cry or sleep a lot which isn’t good my angel wants me to live life to the full and enjoy myself him being a DJ was his passion and life he loved entertaining people least you have your son for some comfort and hope family are helping aswell have a blessed day


I lost my husband January this year ,I have problems sleeping as well ,waking up early in the morning ,so i can understand how you feel.Grief is awful ,but i try and take one day at a time .I find it hard to accept that my amazing husband is not here anymore . Everyday i miss him .Sending hugsx


@SadGirlfriend i totally relate to this. I only just moved his toiletries after weeks of them being in the bathroom. Many of his other things are still where he left them x


I can relate to that, I lost my wife 4 weeks ago and I never thought I would see the day out .
The physical hurt and pain is real I am an empty shell of the person I was .
Sleep for 3 to 4 hours up from 4 am everyday with the biggest sigh to think of the challenge of today without my soulmate . She was the most kindest person I have ever met fun and full of life and I was the most luckiest man to have been loved by her .