Still lost

It’s 8 weeks since I lost my son, I feel like i have no purpose in life now.
I have gone back to work, because i only got paid for 4 weeks, and i had the funeral and a wake to pay for.
I dont sleep at night, i cant switch off when i go to bed until about 4 or 5am, then i have to be up for work at 6.30am, i just feel utterly exhausted. My doctor gave me some sleeping pills which helped alot, but wont issue anymore because he said they are addictive, i just want to sleep.
I dont feel as though my family are very supportive to me either.
Mothers day was just horrible, sorry i just need to offload.


Dear @Jo69

There is no need to apologise, you have lost your son. I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain you are going through. I do think it would be of help for you to speak to someone and the following 2 organisations (UK residents only) will be of help and support to you.

Child Bereavement UK. They support families with the loss of a child and also support bereaved children. [ ], or Helpline - 0800 02 88840

The Compassionate Friends is for families who have lost a child of any age - , UK Helpline 0345 123 2304

We the Community are here for you, you are not alone. Take care.

Peppers xx


Dear jo so sorry for your loss .its shicking how youve gad to go vack yo wirk so soon .you are in great shock baby steps nothing seems real .just come on here say anything you want. So sorry for your loss .i lost my son two years april 27th he was 24 had a rare cancer life has been shattered but this site has helped me so much. Sending you a hug zoe xxx

Thank you, its truly awful, i cant concentrate when im working, i can’t afford to not work. I look at everyone else, and feel so envious that they are not going through this hell. I feel as if im the only person feeling this relentness pain. Xx

I know you want to shout at everyone it has so many emotions your on a rollercoaster .and it wont stop.grief affects no one the same baby steps jo .just you getting out of bed is amazing .dont be hard on your self such early days . Our children are not ment to go before us its so wrong xxx