Still Miss him

I lost my darling husband three years ago and still struggle. He had many health issues, COPD, Asthma and Prostrate Cancer. Although he did not pass with Cancer.
Even after this time I feel so cheated and angry and am not the same person.
Everytime I go out and see where we used to go together or a car like he drove it brings it all back.
My family think I should be over it which does not help. My friends though have been supportive.
How do I make people understand you cannot put a timescale on grief.

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Have you spoken to cruse, they specialise in bereavement counselling and grief . I lost my mum 6 weeks ago and I can barely get out of bed . I have my first consultation tomorrow.

Sorry about your loss of your mum my heart goes out to you. Thankyou for your recommendation I will contact Cruse and am glad you are getting support. It is still very early days so youjdeal with it in your own time. Everyone’s grief journey is different. Even now I struggle but I have become used somewhat to my situation. Thinking of you if you need to chat please do not hesitate.

Thank you and let’s keep in touch on line x

I lost my hubby 11 weeks ago.
To hear you are still very much in the depths of this horrendous time 3 years on just proves there is no timescale.
Please seek help.
Be it G.P, Samaritans, Cruse. Whoever.
You need help and support.
It overwhelms and consumes every waking moment.
On here, everyone knows what you are going through and feels your pain.
You are strong to reach out on here.
Never be ashamed or afraid to ask for help.
Its the worst time ever.
Sending love and light. Xxxx

Thankyou for your kind words it is reassuring that there are such caring people. It is hard but I have caring family and friends. He was irreplaceable tried dating was a disaster just want my hubby.
Sorry for your loss my darling if you want to chat again please feel free.


I have tried dating was a disaster could not help comparing. them to my hubby. Just prefer to be on my own. It fills like I have a Tom shape hole that can never be filled.
You take care my dear.

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