Still missing Mum

Hey again people.

As most if you know, I lost my Mum in June this year she was 66. - I’m still finding it incredibly hard, but I’ve done some changes and tips from my ex husband, who lost his dad 2 years ago from MND.

I still had my mums order of service up on my fireplace because I needed to know i was thinking for her. (She was my best freind) - I’ve not took them down after nearly 6 months. But I feel guilty. My ex said it does help to stop focusing on her death, and that even the screensavers on my phone and the constant reminder of her Death, seeing those is triggering me. I’ve not forgot her at all… I’m listening to her songs we did for her funeral… SARAH MCLACHLAN… IN THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL. Followed by DONNA TAGGARG "JEALOUS OF THE ANGELS. nd my mum was a massive fan ove elvis so… " MY WAY (ELVIS PRESLY) I still can’t get my head around and feel like it’s a dream. I know I can’t hold her but I wish I could or atleast tell her I love her. She was not only my Mum. But my best freind xxxx

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Hello first I want to say I am deeply sorry for you’re loss. I lost my mom last night and I can’t seem to get my head around it , just wondering how long I will I feel like this ?

Kind regards


Last night? This is so soon for you, so sorry for your loss.
My mum had a long and mostly happy life so I try to concentrate on that and recall nice memories.

@Adz8579 everyone has to deal with liss in their own way, there is no right or wrong way to grieve x