Strange dreams have started

Well its been 14 months since I lost my wife of 38 years and I have started having a reoccurring dream, It started a few weeks ago and has happened at least 7 times now,
I’m driving an old black steam train, all around me is completely flat land, the train carriages go on and on never seeming to end but in front of me is a large dark tunnel, no light at the end, just looks like it goes on forever, again strange as there are no hills,
I find myself going randomly to the carriages and each one I have been to has a different social event happening, these events are real events I have attended with my wife, some go back to the early 80’s and some a lot more recent but all are before my wife died, and then I turn around and I am back at the front of the train but it wont go into the tunnel,
And there it ends!! I wake up feeling sad, its all a bit weird.


It is a bit weird Tony, the tunnel must have some significance. I hope you manage to find out the meaning somehow.

I’m so sorry you wake up feeling sad, it’s 14 months since my darling husband died and mornings are still definitely the worst time for me.

I often ask Ian to come and see me in a dream before I go to sleep. Oh, to see him and touch him again!!!

Take care


I hate mornings my brain gets mixed up I woke up last week thought my john was sill alive but he isn’t lv Annie x xg