Strange private email.

Today I noticed I had received 3 identical private messages from an overseas resident in my Sue Ryder account. They had been a member for less than 10mins and made no posts. They included their personal email address.
Normally the cynic and grumpy old woman in me wouldn’t have thought twice about this but the fragile and vulnerable new grieving wreck has got all apprehensive about it.
It may be genuine, it may not be, but it doesn’t feel right to me. And if it isn’t genuine, why me?

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Hi Tina
I received the same message, all a bit of a scam i think, did not reply or click on the email address,
Take Care


Good morning @Tina19 and @tonyo42,

As @tonyo42 has suggested - if you have any doubts at all, it’s absolutely best not to respond to these sorts of things for your own safety.

We have received a number of reports this morning about this - I have taken appropriate action whilst we look into this further, to best protect the community and our members.

If you are ever suspicious about activity on the community, within public or private threads, please do use the :black_flag: icon (underneath each message) so that we can act as quickly as possible in situations like this.

Please do take care,

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Hi, just to let you both know I also received these emails (4) they are now in the bust bin. Sorry that this has happened but please just delete them. S xx

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