Strange thing happened today

So, I’m walking back from yet another charity shop run, ahead of my move later this month. Late afternoon sunshine, the last of the beautiful Autumn leaves grace my road. I turned the corner, thinking about Tom and how much I miss him still, when I looked up and… there on the pavement, about 50 yards ahead, was a couple. Seen from behind, a woman and a tall, older man. I was winded - the man looked exactly like Tom - tall, lean, well-dressed, grey-haired. So much about him was the same. I turned away and faced the opposite direction, trying to breathe through it ( I know you will know what I mean). A minute passed, maybe two. I knew I had to turn around, so did… and there was the woman, still walking ahead, but completely alone. I don’t know what to make of it, less still how to feel. I plodded on, to my gate, the gate I once shared with Tom, and went in. Sending love to everyone on here, this dark and cold Sunday evening x


That’s definitely strange. Some weird things do happen.
Did you feel Tom? I hope it gave you comfort? X

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It was a sign, I think, that he is still with me, still loves me and is there, on the road, a little way ahead of me. Like all our loved ones lost to our touch, but held so tenderly in our hearts. I hope all is well with you, my dear @Ali29 x


It’s been a difficult week but we rise above and I will be ok.
I do believe they are with us and they send us a sign now and again.
Are you in your permanent home yet? X

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not yet - but soon x