It would have been my partner Jo’s 67th birthday today. I lost her 15 months ago to cancer. Ive always had an open mind about everything . After she passed away I seemed to see robins everywhere. If I was sitting in the park one would turn up or if I just came out my front door one would be sitting on my bin. Now this morning three of my four clocks and my watch had stopped. Coincidence. Maybe. I believe there’s still many things in this life that we don’t understand so I think I’ll just continue with an open mind.


Hello @peterj, thank you for sharing this. I’m so sorry for the loss of your partner Jo. I hope you have been able to mark her birthday in a way that feels right for you.

There’s a busy thread at the moment called Signs which talks about signs from our loved ones, which you might like to read: Signs

Take care,

I am like you in regards to these mysterious happenings, me and the dog were sat in our motorhome and a robin fly’s in and wandered around for a few minutes until the dog saw him and he flew out again. never happened before, a sign I hope so.

I agree that there is plenty we don’t understand in this life.
Robins are so wonderful it makes sense that they represent our loved ones.
Karen xxx