Stress in work

Hello all
My mental health is suffering in work the stress I’m under has caused me to go to my doctors. What makes it worse is I’m grieving over my mum.
The job I do involves issuing tickets to cars and I get abused right left right and centre just for doing my job. Some days I just feel like resigning a job that I love I’ve been doing for nearly 8 years. I won’t resign because like many people I need the money and I don’t want to be a failure.
At the moment I’m fighting to get pip it’s gone to appeal but I know I’m going to have to provide further evidence particularly of my mental health that I’m suffering in work.
I’ve decided to seek help from a mental health counsellor. I want to be able to tell someone how my job makes me feel the high pressure I’m. Put under to not only get tickets there’s no targets but they make you feel you have to get them for the four days 10 hours a day I do. People have no idea what civil enforcement officers have to deal with. When I’m get abuse i do what I always remain calm polite and professional put my body camera for every interaction incase I get abuse. I have to assess body language keep myself safe and always walk away. I have to become I can’t bring my job into a bad reputation. I must walk 25 miles a day managing my beat dealing with any emergency that comes up. Some days people drive their car towards me. I have come so close to not getting killed. I’ve had people threaten me with knifes when all I want to do is punch someone. I darent. I once had someone say to me I hope your mum dies in a coma he kept following me with his mobile phone filming me hoping I’d react so he get out of paying the ticket I booked him for instead of just taking up on a chin. . This was before my mum left me. The thing is this person didn’t know my mum was actually in a coma and they said thing to me the next day. What a horrible specimens one month later my mum left me
Like I said people have no idea what my job is like I’ll still continue to do my job. It takes nothing to make me think I’m scared.
Someone should film an in-depth documentary about the job of a civil enforcement officer. Then the public willl get an idea of how vitall public service we are but then again I doubt it’ll open their eyes.

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Yes I can imagine how difficult your job is, dealing with the general public when they’re angry is indeed troublesome, you have said though that you’ve done this job for 8 years & love it?

Are you attempting to get Pip to stop working?

No I’m not. I have physical health conditions and mental health to and you can claim pip and still work

Ah I see I don’t know much about Pip, I hope your successful in your claim, when were grieving work & such like which are already hard enough become so much harder to cope with !

Yeah pip send out long forms which are designed to put you of claiming. They are deliberately trying to disenfranchise people who have disabilities and serious illnesses. I refuse to give up fighting for pip. I’m going all the way to appeal to defeat the department of work and pensions