Stress symptoms after a bereavement

Does anyone suffer the symptoms I am suffering?
Every morning at 5am after hardly any sleep anyway I come over very sweaty, my tummy shakes and shudders then the rest of my body shakes I feel a bit sick my arms and legs feel weak then I get diarrhea this happens nearly every morning,
I suffer with IBS anyway but this is chronick now. Is this just me as I get so scared as I am on my own with no family.

Hi there. I to get the same each day as you do the dizziness and headaches seem to get worse,stomach problems sometimes can’t leave the house until I think it as settled tried the remedies don’t help at all I am borderline diabetic have cut back on sugar still no hope wether it is the tension of grief I don’t know,since my wife Jane passed away last November I have had many other strange things leg ulcers,abscesses my left leg in compression now,wether the tension as got to much for us both I don’t know but I have heard it happen to other people just the same I am on my own as you are aged 70 have copd,gout in both knees one wants replacing no chance of that on nhs,my biggest worry is of falling or taking ill ,having to go in hospital with no one to look to look after me or my little dog I now walk with a stick to give me some assurance.
Doctors may be an answer I don’t know but up to now I think alot of it is the stress of losing Jane.
Kind regards and hope you find an answer as I do MM69

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\Thank you for your message and so sorry to hear your problems and the sad loss of your Jane. I am sure alot our problems are due to the stress we are under.Any other problems are made worse because of all the anxiiety. Hope things improve for you. Be strong Love Sue

This is now what I worry about, living by myself with my MS…if I take a shower or have a fall, no one would know…

Have been to the doctors? I too have IBS symptoms and always when I am anxious. They say the cause of IBS is unknown, not to me it isn’t. It’s classic anxiety symptoms you are having which is hardly surprising. Grief takes us all in different ways. But a visit to the GP would do no harm. There are lots of meds today for IBS and they only need taking short term. We have all suffered a major trauma and it would be surprising if the body didn’t play up. Take care.

Hi I think the symptoms of stress are varied from person to person. With me I get breathless also have trouble sleeping. It is so hard to deal with and I find myself thinking I am about to drop dead. It’s different for everyone. I did try antidepressants a while ago but felt so bad taking them had to stop. My husband died 4 years ago and I still feel this way a lot of the time. I suppose you never get over grief really. Best wishes to all who are feeling this x

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Hi Thank you for your message. Sorry to hear you have IBS too.
I have suffered with IBS for about 10 years now and have medication which doesn’t help a lot have to take lots of Diarrhea tablets all the time since my husband died as you can imagine things are really bad. Hope things get better for you. I cant see a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I hate this lonely life, just exist from day to day. You take good care regards Sue

Thank you so much for your kind message.
Sorry to hear of your loss four years ago. Like you say, we never get over our loss ah! I don’t think I will. I know it’s early days for me but so hard and such a lonely life as I have no family.
Sorry to hear you get the breathless problem and have trouble sleeping. I can’t remember when I last got sleep!
I only had half an antidepressant tablet and like you it made me ill so didn’t take an more.
You take good care and thank you again Regards Suex

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Hi Sue,
I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad in the mornings. My doctor has increased my anti depressants so I feel a bit calmer. I did have a meltdown last weekend but felt a bit better when I saw my counsellor. I did forget my doctors appointment last Friday for my B12 injection though! Memory of a fish! I don’t think you are alone feeling scared and vulnerable now. We all had our loved ones with us, to support and love us and now they are gone. I will never forget the love Simon and I had together, and still have.
Take care Sue, love Janet xx

Yes I too remember that day when my Richard was still laying dead on the floor carpet when a neighbour or someone, maybe medic or police phoned my GP to tell them that my Richard was dead ( she was both of us GPs ) and all she offered me was antidepressants, ( the medics answer to everything ) well I quickly turned them down as they wont bring back my Richard will they,This seems the norm now with our GPs,they are quick to dish out antidepressants, this will be our miracle cure for whatever comes our way, well my Richard had a whole carrier bag just filled with Heaven knows what of medications, in is words " if they are keeping me alive…" well where is he now? I had always feared the amount of stuff my Richard was taking for this and that but he went along with the medics without questioning…As for me, I will do my utmost to stay clear of all things pill popping if possible, as even for my PP-MS, their are no disease modifying drugs available for the likes of me, well their was meant to be but because NICE says the cost would be too high, we are now not getting this drug, even thought this would have been the only drug available for us, oh their are drugs for the other MS’s but not for Primary Progressive MS…sorry, just need to get this off my chest…


I think maybe it is a panic attack. I have experienced those similar feelings, maybe mention it to your GP he may be able to give you something to help ?

Thank you for your message.
Good of you to reply to me. Take Care Sue

Hi Janet
Good to hear from you and so glad you are feeling a bit better now.
This weekend has been quite, didnt see anyone yesterday and watched tennis today.
Got to drive to house tomorrow first thing was dreading going on my own but my friend Di came to my rescue and is coming with me thank goodness . Just can’t face going to the house on my own.
Wish I could get a nights sleep and stop this tummy shakes/shudder so scarey you think all sorts!!!
Anyway Janet keep in touch let me know what you are getting up to. Take good care Love Suexxx