I’m Julie my husband died suddenly 3 days ago from a massive stroke I’m really struggling today my family are around me but I can’t take it all in it doesn’t seem real

Hello Julie
I am so sorry for your loss
It doesn’t seem real does it
Andy passed December 5th due to COVID
And I still can’t believe he not here
Please take care text anytime xx

Hi Debbie
I’m sat sobbing the pain is unbearable. He was talking to the cat 30 mins before it happened. Ambulance came and within an hour I was told he was likely to die. I’m walking around the house like a ghost. He was 62 full of life and we had so much fun. WTF

I know how you are feeling pain is unbearable
I cant do anything
I stay in bed most off the time
Please take care x

Hi Julie ,
So sorry for your loss . My partner passed away 18 weeks ago after having a stroke .
I can completely understand how you are feeling , you just feel numb . All of it seems like a bad dream ! Even with family around you still feel very much alone . This is all very new and raw for you
at the moment so just try and take it hour by hour . Thinking about you take care xxx