Struggling 8 months on

Everyone thinks I’m coping fine & have stopped offering me help , I’ve done my best not to fall apart as I feel like I’m going to let my hubby down if I do. I can’t even cry near the dog as he gets so upset. He gives me a reason to get up & move & has been an amazing companion to me.


Good morning @Fannyanne8

Sorry for your loss :purple_heart:

What a terrible time you are having. Can you confined in a close friend or family member to let them know how you are truly feeling?

It’s good you have found this online community, they are very supportive. Please keep reaching out and contribute to other threads.

Sending love and hugs :hugs:


Oh @Fannyanne8 you won’t be letting him down at all if you fall apart. I think we all need to break down if we are ever going to start rebuilding.
I often can’t find space to cry as my kids are at home and they are all struggling with the loss of their dad, but we all need that outlet at times and I think it helps.
Use this site if it helps as we all understand and it can be a great source of support and comfort.
Make sure you are looking after yourself
Take care xxx