Struggling alone

I’ve been really struggling these last two weeks I thought I got my head around being on my own my life being very different to what it was in December of last year when Michael was alive and I did think I got my head around it but the Loneliness has envelope me, the sadness inside is horrendous. I must have cried half a dozen times into my poor little dog yesterday I don’t see anybody and sometimes I don’t want to, what can I say how was your day my day is wonderful I sat in my own grief in my heart missing him dreadfully watching too much TV trying to get hobby going, walking the dog, tidying and cleaning up, what else is there, o yes lonesome and heartbroken for a man l loved dearly and a life we enjoyed, full of Laughter and promise and excitement and just smiling and just sitting But being happy. All gone now, And believe you me I’ve looked at voluntary work joining things which are very few and far between these days, with Covid, and at 65 what do you do….l,9m just so sad


Hello @les2. Yes it is really hard when you spend so much time alone and missing the one person that was your whole world. There is not much to do all day other than T.V. and covid is keeping friends away. There are so many people on here that are in exactly the same situation and can fully understand what you are going through.
Keep reading and posting on here and you will see that it is still early days for you. Try not to get overwhelmed and just take one day at a time, Remember you have been wounded by this loss so nurturing yourself is the first thing to do. Wishing you a calm day.
Love and light…x

I recognise so much of what you have written. It has been a bit longer for me since my partner died but the loneliness persists. I am now able to make a few plans which helps. My dog helps too. We are having a holiday at the moment and it is ok, not great, but ok.

Hi Les 2,
That lovely little dog needs you, and you need him/her too.Yes, it is terr ible I suddenly lost my same sex wife 20 weeks ago, at home, in front of me so quickly.There was no time to say goodbye.We were together for 53 years.Weve had dogs, no longer though.They are so loving and loyal.You must keep strong for your so faithful friend.
Thinking of you, try and relax with some favourite food, whether chocolate, fish and chips or whatever.
Go for a walk with your dog, to a coffee shop.I go to one and chat now and again, and regularly go to a chippy where you can sit at a table.
I bet there are places near you where you can find company and a chat.
But sometimes I,m at home and I howl.I am 74.My best wishes for strength for you, and for that wonderful dog.
Vee 1