Struggling heavy grieving partner

Ok guys my partner of 8 months lost his wife almost 2years ago and on Christmas day past 2023 he lost his father he is extremely close to his father and is not in a good place we have had countless talks about ending relationship and we are very much in love but he said he needs space but doesnt know how much he needs wants me in his life but doesn’t we dont spend any time together and he is always exhausted he has stress at work 2 kids and a farm and the stressful tireless keeping of house and bills im trying my best to get him to speak to somebody or someone as he saying hes feels alone and has nothing to live for cant focus on future no desire but when it comes to having sexual encounters hes a 100 his moods is terrible and hes beyond bringing me down and i gotten to the end of my wits trying to comfort him and give him strength and be there but he wont let me into his life to help him… ready to scream and i have fallen deeply in love with him and feel like im losing him completely wat do i do

Hello @Honeymansandra ,

Thank you for bravely reaching out. I’m so sorry for your partner’s loss.

When it comes to something as tough as grief, it can be hard to know what to say or do that might help someone you love. Our Grief Kind campaign has lots of resources that can help. You can:

  • Watch our Grief Kind classes. Our Grief Kind classes are five short video tutorials in which Sue Ryder bereavement experts talk you through what grief is like and how you can support others who are grieving
  • Listen to our Grief Kind podcasts. Our Grief Kind podcasts are hosted by author, journalist and Sue Ryder ambassador, Clover Stroud. She speaks with celebrities about their personal experiences of bereavement and the support which helped them most when coping with their grief.
  • Read our guide on supporting someone else who has been bereaved.

I hope that you find these resources helpful. Please take good care of yourself, too - the community is here for you.