Struggling parent

I’m now 35 years of age with 3 children, I lost my dad when I was 3 years old. I thought I had come to terms with it all but have since recently discovered that there are some really deep emotional scars. I split with my partner 3 years ago although it was mutual. I have been dating recently and noticed I keep doing the same thing which is driving people away before I get to know them. I come across as confident but I constantly need reassurance that the person likes me and wants to be with me. If they don’t text back then I think they have changed their mind about me. Could anyone offer me any advice, I need to stop this chain reaction and have some self belief that people may actually like me.

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Sorry to hear that.
I would say keep talking to people and build up your self confidence. I’m sure your Dad would be proud of you no matter what.
Lots of love and luck.