Struggling since I lost my Dad

I’m 27 and lost my Dad earlier this year to cancer. I was very much a Daddy’s girl and absolutely adored my Dad and he adored me. We were always best friends, and I have no regrets in that we said everything we wanted to say before he passed away and I know he always knew how much I loved him; all that is left is pure grief. It has been 8 months, and I’m working away living my life but feel so utterly broken hearted still. I’m single , and I see my friends planning weddings with their families, making plans for the future, and I look at the time head when it’s still just me, struggling away on my own with this grief, and it just feels very tough. I just miss my lovely Dad so terribly

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@MarieLucia im so sorry for your loss. I was 27 when I lost my Dad completely unexpectedly from a heart attack he was just 64. I never got to say goddbye, I just had a call to say he’d gone. I’d never had any experience of loss and it totally turned my world upside down - how could he be here then suddenly not be here? I was also single with no children. I felt so sad that he’d never get that opportunity to maybe walk me down the aisle if i ever met someone.

It took me a long while to deal with my Dads passing, for me i found that counselling helped me as i could open up and be honest how i was feeling. I couldnt talk to friends - they had no experience of loss and just didnt understand, and my darling Mum was dealing with her own grief. Even writing your thoughts in a journal can be helpful. And on this forum you will see so many other people in similar situations - you are not alone.

I dont know at what point the grief started to become more bearable. But at some point the grief just became easier to deal with - they say it doesnt get any less, but your life starts to grow around it so its not so all consuming.

People used to say things like “your Dad wouldnt want you to be unhappy, hed want you to live your life and honour him” but i just found those phrases annoying, even if they were true!

I cant say whether you will meet someone special or what your future holds, but its now over 20 years since my Dad passed and looking back i can see Ive had plenty of happy memories, new friends, good (and bad!) relationships since his passing. Life did indeed start growing again, like a seed slowly sending up its shoots. But there is no set timeframe, everyone is different - take the time you need and do things at your pace. Dont let anyone rush you or make you feel guilty for still grieving. (I had friends who just thought i should “over it” by now). The first 12 months is particularly difficult i think because there are so many “firsts” without your Dad.

Sending much love your way :heart: