Struggling to cop with my mother's grief.

Hello,I lost my lovely Dad over a year ago. My brother has shown little support during his illness and after his death. My mum is really struggling ,weepy ,depressed and really forgetful. I realise there is no time limit with grief, but I am struggling to cope with my Mum. I try to see her at least 2-3 times a week. I take her out,as she doesn’t drive, but come away feeling depressed. I feel helpless.
I am just started to come to terms with my own loss.I feel very angry with my brother and his children as they weren’t there for my Dad.
Any tips would be appreciated.

I had no siblings. when daddy died I took care of my mom.

there is no way around her grief. I know it is no fun but she needs
to hurt and mourn. this is her time to grieve and she must.

it is hard …

feeling helpless means we are trying to correct something but this is nothing you can correct.

Hello Goldie18

Your mum will grieve for a very long time, depression, crying and forgetfulness is part of the grief process. This is the most devastating time in her life, she’s lost her soulmate, the person who was always there for her, 24/7 her husband is in her thoughts, it’s a very painful and hard time in her life.
Its hurtful your brother has not been supportive, could you mention to him that Mum is struggling. I know you come away from her depressed but this is because your grieving too and feel helpless, but you are helping her a lot, taking her out and being there for her.
Does your Mum have more family or friends to support her?
Would she attend a local bereavement support group?
Amy x