Struggling to cope after loosing my Dad

Have spent a lot of time at hospital over christmas and new year, watching my Dads health deteriorate and was there until the end with him… finding it very hard to cope

Hi Cakelady im very sorry for your loss (im 57) its very early days and i understand the hearbreak and pain of losing someone you love and seeing the deteriorate in hospital .Have you been to see your Gp ?do you have family or friends to talk to about this ?Take it day by day look after yourself try have some me time as the nightmare .Will still be there when you return to reality .Ilike other dont mind pms (the offer is there) keep coming back dont be a sranger Colin

Hi Cake lady, I lost my dad over a week ago and no day is easier or the same. He was diagnosed 7 months ago and already he has passed. I take comfort of being with him to the end. I kick myself for laughing and I kick myself for crying as that is not what dad would have wanted. You andre not alone and it’s easier to keep talking about him and I find it silly but easier to talk to him whilst I’m at home or at work as you will never forget him. Always here for a chat or to listen. Angela

Hi I’m behind reading and replying to this post but losing your dad is soooo hard , it changes us all forever , I know what you are going through I too lost my dad , it was in 2015 and I’m learning to build a new life without him and I’m learning to cope without him HOWEVER sometimes the missing and the wanting to turn back time to see him just one more time is so strong and it hurts! Trying to hold on to the good times the good memories hope you can too

Hi Cakelady, I’m behind reading your post & I am sorry. I don’t know if it helps, I feel similarly after losing my Dad to Pulmonary Fibrosis at Christmas. 5 weeks on & now the formalities are over the stark reality of the cavernous hole in our lives left by him is hard to deal with. I find small things help. I tell people how I really feel by text & some make me tea & let me cry. But I know there is an expectation of when I will ‘be better’. I won’t be ever the same as my Dad was my & my sister anchor. I try to eat regularly & go for walks reminding myself of our happytimes many chats on the phone and our shared love of nature. When the sun shines I think of him with love.
I can only hope telling you this helps in any small way. I hope you have someone to hug you & that it’s ok to feel awful as it’s a life changer losing your Dad. I feel lucky for having a special one as you clearly did too.
Best of wishes & if I may also be so bold to send you a virtual hug.