Struggling to cope with loss

I have been struggling with the sudden loss of my sister who died at the age of 45, 14 months previous to losing my sister i lost my older brother who passed away at the age of 53, I have also lost both parents Mum died at the age of 50 and my Dad at the age of 60…
I have managed to cope with Mum, Dad and my brother but my sister i cannot accept it.

Mandie, I am very sorry for your losses, it must be very difficult to comprehend, I lost my fiancé very suddenly in April so I can understand a little of your pain, but you have found the right place, I am new recently as well and am very grateful to the people on here who listen and have no judgement, it makes a huge difference to have people who understand a little of what we are struggling to cope with everyday. Take care and I hope you find some peace here x

Honeybee, thank you, i think once i accept it i will feel better… Some days i am absolutely fine then suddenly it hits me again. I hope you find peace as well, i always say you never get over it or used to it but the pain lessens over time… pity i can’t take my own advice…xx

I’m no good at taking my own advice either but we all grieve and cope how we cope in our own way x