Struggling to cope

Hi I’m not really why I’m on here to be honest I suppose I’m just a bit lost. 18 months ago our baby boy max was born at 26 weeks but unfortunately he passed away after 2 hours. We were in and out of hospital for the month leading up to the birth which was traumatic in itself but tragically it ended so badly for us. I feel so alone at the moment and it’s difficult to try and move on from it. My wife’s family have been amazing but I think cause I’m not as close to my family I don’t think that helps with my loneliness. I’m not sure what it is I’m looking for just think I need to find a way to get through this

Hi Steve1983

I read your post & im so sorry for your loss of baby Max
Life can be so hard & cruel
Sorry you feel so alone.
Have you tried talking to anyone about how you feel? I know its very difficult & painful devasting
But have you tried telling your wife or friends family how your feeling?
thought about counselling or sue ryder counselling on this forum?
I know how afwfull devasting it can be
It does get easier through time
I lost twins baby boys long time ago was
6 &1/2 months into the pregnancy
Still hurts when it comes to anniversaries christmas etc
You & your wife will get through this in time
Sorry again for your loss
Take care

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Dear Steve, I’m Ailie and I’m a volunteer here, I wanted to Thankyou for your post and welcome you. We are all here for different reasons and it sounds like you have come to the right place.
I hope that you will find some comfort in the shared experiences here and know that you are not alone during this tough tough time. I think it is a really positive step in the right direction to reach out here for support of which I am sure you will find plenty. I am so so sorry about the loss of your baby son Max and that you are feeling lonely now in dealing with it. You are not alone and we are here to support you in any way we can - take each day as it comes, we are here to help, Ailie