Struggling to cope

Hi guys, I’m really truly struggling here and I don’t know what to do anymore.
I lost my 42yr old sister March 2020. Very suddenly, She passed away in her sleep, . then came the covid lockdown funeral … 9 people were allowed to attend, we weren’t allowed flower/cars,wasn’t even allowed to see her at the Chapel of rest or put her in her own clothes. I feel so angry, upset, sad, confused.
I’ve cried every day since that day, and I’ve finally realised I’m just not coping. I’m an emotional wreck, I’m terrified my husband will finally get sick of the tears and the up and down moods and leave me, he’s been so supportive but there is only so much one person can take…
I worry constantly for my mum and also for my sisters 4 children… I can’t seem to find my happy anymore. Im finding it impossible to be a mum, wife, friend, hold down a job without feeling like its all about to fall apart. Sorry for the rant, just feel so lost and low


I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. My loss is different, my husband passed in March of this year, but the pain is just as unbearable.
I hope your husband continues to support you, I’m sure he will.
The sad reality is I don’t think you ever get over the loss you just learnt to live with it.
It’s hard for people to understand if they have had no such loss in their life’s and thank god they haven’t. I’m waiting for the day when memories of my husband bring me pleasure and not pain. It seems so far away at this point.
I hope you get a lot of support from this group. Everyone understands and that is so key to us.

Take care
Dee xx

Sending you a very big hug. I lost my brother recently he also passed away in his sleep its been an horrific shock which has broken my heart. I saw him that evening and he was fine. I cannot believe he has gone.
My brothers funeral is on the 23rd dec in 3 days time. I feel very anxious Just over a week ago my mum was rushed into hospital and my son needs a big operation in January.
Life has been incredibly hard lately and time has stood still.
A relationship with a sibling is so strong, you have spent your childhood wirh them and known and loved them your whole life.
Someone said to me to be kind to yourself, i think there’s some truth in that because that is what they would want for us.
Take care of yourself x

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