Struggling to cope

My dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly just over 2 weeks ago.
Im feeling terrible guilt for not being able to help him, i work in health care, i didnt pick up the symptoms of his blood clot, he had visited the Gp surgery 7 times in 3 weeks and was told multiple times it was a viral infection, he phoned the surgery the day before he died to say he couldn’t breath properly, the nurse told him not to go to A&E as there was a 12hr wait and bedlam (drs on strike) , i wish i had driven him there or insisted but i did nothing and the next day he died on his bed, i trusted the nurse, i didnt see the signs and now i feel terrible guilt , i don’t want to return to work in the NHS, i feel angry, guilty, so incredibly sad i will never see my dad again :pensive:

Oh I’m so sorry to hear of your story. How awful for you. You mustn’t blame yourself. You trusted fellow professionals and you must try to focus on that.

My mum also died of a blood clot that caused a cardiac arrest so I just wanted you to know that I’m
Unfortunately on this journey too. Feel free to message me if it will help x

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The way you feel is because of the love you have for your Dad.
I know I can’t take away the guilt, but you well and truly did what you thought was right at the time. Try to feel proud of that - that you ahead had the best intentions at heart.

I also worked for the NHS. So I really understand your frustrations and deep feelings now.
Just keep talking about how to feel and we will all support you on here.

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I am trying to hold it all together for my mum, i have brothers, but ultimately im with my mum each day, i have arranged my dads funeral, am dealing with the coroner as an investigation has been opened for medical negligence, i feel overwhelmed with guilt , grief and anxiety, im not sure how to move forward, i am trying to stay strong for my two temnage children, but its so hard :pensive:.
Thank you for the replys, it helps to know others have and are experiencing this awful journey too x