Struggling to move into new house

My husband died suddenly a year ago. I moved in with my daughter as couldn’t face living in the house. I sold the house and have bought a new one 4 doors from my daughter. I completed 1 March and still haven’t moved in. I tried to stay a night (my daughter was with me) and I had a panic attack. There’s a barrier stopping me. I’m trying counselling and hypnotherapy- but what if I can’t do it!

You might have tried this already.

Have you tried being there during there just during the daytime.
. Gradually increasing the time you spend there during the day so that you spend the day and the evenings there?

Also have you been able to make it feel as you want it.

This is very easy for me to suggest but I am not in your situation.
So this could all be useless ideas.

Rose x

Hi Nancy
Try not to put pressure on yourself
You have a very supportive daughter which is lovely… when my partner died suddenly I couldn’t be alone in the house for about a month I had my son stay, my daughter and even my sister stayed for a few weeks…it’s daunting I know… I’m not sure under which circumstances your partner passed that could have a bearing on how your feeling…
Just wanted to say your not alone there is always support on here and encouragement… The first night alone wasn’t easy but I’m now comfortable with being here alone…

Thank you for your messages. My husband died in tragic circumstances. We went away for a long weekend to Spain. He went swimming in the sea and drowned. He was a good swimmer but had a heart attack. It has been VERY difficult.


So very sorry,

My husband died unexpectedly in front of me.

Rose x

I’m so sorry that must be very difficult a huge trauma sending hugs x

I am in the same situation I lost my husband suddenly last October I have to sell our home can’t afford the mortgage and we have so many memories I’m struggling everyday been non stop since I lost him getting the house ready for the market, I’m scared once the house goes I feel I’m going to break I’m missing him so much :broken_heart: