Struggling tonight

Hi everyone, it has been 18 myths since I lost my husband Jim, today it is nothing specific but I am feeling really alone, he is not physically here and I am missing him really badly.


Hi I just think it’s that time of night when normally you would have settled down after dinner ready for some TV together. I have my two grandchildren tonight so it’s not hit me but I get that lonely feeling every night I’m alone. I somehow get through the day keeping busy but you have to relax sometime and it’s then that it hits you. It’s been 15 months for me since I lost my John and feel like the life has been sucked out of me - just plodding along day after day just going through the motions.

Let’s hope tomorrow’s not so sad for you.
Hey who am I kidding :cry:


Hi @TaylAlis and @Georgie15
16 months ago today I lost Doug, I’ve been fine all day at work then meeting a friend for coffee. When I’m home and the door is shut I feel so alone. So I can relate to what you are both saying.


Hello to all,

I have just replied on another thread that I find the loneliness soul destroying. Like you say Debbie once the door is shut that’s when it hits you.x


Hi TaylAlis
Thank you for coming back to the forum for more support. We are here for you at any time, so it doesn’t matter that it has been a while since you were on here at all.
I’m sorry that you are particularly missing your loved one today. Sometimes those feelings seem to come from nowhere and hit particularly hard when you are least expecting them.

Take comfort from the support from others on the forum who are experiencing similar feelings and keep talking

Take care



It’s fifteen months for me today since I lost H. I am having a bad day. Life feels so hard. I pretend I’m doing okay but I’m not. Family think I’ve turned a corner. It makes them feel better to think this way. They tell me how well I’m doing but inside it’s as if it were yesterday. I still carry the same heartbreak x

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Hi Nel same for me really. Been 16 months and each day I go through the same scenario “could I have done more” just torture really. Everyone around me have been so supportive and we’ve dragged each other through this nightmare. But when I’m alone, like now, I love and miss him
more than ever. It’s just horrible isn’t it. Pretending to everyone that we’re doing ok when we are slowly dying inside.

This is it for us I’m afraid we’ll carry this sadness forever but must try to live what life we have left the best way we can.

All the best
Georgina :kissing_heart:

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I lost my beloved husband in February due to bowel cancer that had spread throughout his body. Everyday is different some good some bad. Unfortunately we had a very elderly dog with dementia, yesterday I had to have her put to sleep, it has brought all the memories flooding back and I can not control the tears. Why is life so cruel and unfair :broken_heart:


I really do understand this,

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I read your message and it strikes a painful chord with me…I lost my mum in February and had no time to process this when 2 weeks later my 16 year old dog died in our arms…Somehow you just plod from day to day…I hope your pain eases.

Thank you for all of your kind words.

I am sure we are all feeling sorrow with todays funeral proceedings for our late queen.

Hi everyone. I’m going through a difficult phase at the moment as it comes up to 3years since my husband passed away. Every day just feels such an effort and I wake up feeling so low. You just want it to go away and then I feel annoyed with myself for not feeling better. What a muddle of emotions that I never thought existed


Hi Strictlyp I see your new to this site, even though it’s been three years, it’s been nine months for me since I lost my wonderful partner, I’m living a life as though he is still around, I talk to his photo every night when going to bed. I do feel he is still with me. If only their was a way to get through this, take the pain away, I do find this site helpful, but so many people in this horrible place. I can’t believe after three years you are still finding it difficult, I am beginning to realise that this is never going to get better, as people have said you just have to learn to live with it. I wish their was something I could say to you to help you. I’m going to try and find a group near me all in the same boat, because at least they know how it feels.
I’m thinking of you today, wish you well.